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Instead of writing long, boring articles about each individual topic, I decided to put together a quick summary of my thoughts on the latest tech news!

Amazon Fire Phone
Hooray for more smartphone choices! More competition means new features and lower pricing. But hold up…Amazon’s new phone is $650, and exclusive to AT&T. While I understand the exclusivity, I can’t understand the price.

Amazon Prime Music
I have a prime membership with Amazon, and being able to listen to millions of songs is great! I love finding new music, but I don’t love paying for it, especially if I’m not 100% sure about the artist. And to think I was just about to cancel my membership a few days before.

BlackBerry Classic and Windermere Passport
Of course I’m excited for more BlackBerry devices! I’m really looking forward to the Classic, since I adored my Bold up to the day it completely died on me. The Passport is a strange device with a strange name. I don’t like the look of it, I think it’s far too wide. However, I thought 5 inch devices were way too big before I got my Z30! I promise to keep an open mind.

iOS 8
I really like the idea that you can share pictures or video straight from the messages application. I take a ton of pictures and I love sharing them with people. Yes, they took ideas from other companies, but at this point, do we expect anything less?

T-Mobile Testing
Allowing people to test out their network with an iPhone 5S for free is a great idea! You don’t know if a carrier will actually work for you without actually trying it out and seeing if you get reception everywhere you go. Plus, by giving people an iPhone 5S, they allow people to test out the newest iPhone, which ultimately brings in more sales.
I still don’t like Legere.

Tech I Want
I would love a Surface 3, so if anyone is feeling generous, you know what to get me!

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