Nexus 7

I’ve clearly been slacking on writing a post for the Nexus 7. This is an awesome tablet, so useful for every day! I’ve been using it to complete assignments online, check my grades (and then regret it), play games, read books, watch Netflix and procrastinate on final projects and papers (like what I’m doing now). I honestly hoped that by not posting about it, Verizon would forget I had it and let me keep it!

I wasn’t super thrilled with my last Android device, the LG G3. I was worried that because I didn’t much care for the operating system that I wouldn’t like this tablet. Clearly that wasn’t the case! I honestly think that my opinion of Android was negatively affected by using it on the G3. Although it’s still not my first choice, I didn’t hate using it on the Nexus.

I was immediately impressed by the size. Since my first tablet was the BlackBerry PlayBook, I definitely like the ease of use that comes with a 7 inch tablet. The Nexus 7 is perfectly light and thin, making one handed use a breeze. It helps that the power and volume buttons are where they should be, on the side.
Although it’s not unique to Android, I love how Chrome on my tablet connected to Chrome on my laptop, making it easy to use my bookmarks. It’s the little things, people.
Another small yet fun feature was in the camera. Photo sphere lets you take multiple pictures and then combined them into one spherical picture. Cool idea in theory more than in reality. Lens blur focused on an object and blurred the rest of the picture. I hope none of you are surprised that my example picture is my cat.


The battery life is seriously impressive. I was able to easily get a full day out of it even on day one, when I was downloading tons of apps, watching videos and listening to music. With lighter everyday use, I only had to charge it about once every three days. This is super handy, especially since my iPhone lasts about 5 minutes, so that’s hogging the charger.
I preferred watching movies and listening to music on the Nexus than on my laptop, because the screen and speakers are so much better. The speakers are on the top and bottom so they sound great no matter how you’re holding it or how you have it propped up. The crispness of the screen also made it an excellent e-reader as well. After I saw the Mockingjay movie, I came home and immediately downloaded the book. (I really had to know how it ended, and I’m not patient enough to wait for the last movie)
I really love this tablet, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a laptop, but doesn’t always want to carry it around. It does everything you could ask for from a tablet without being expensive or bulky. And if anyone wants to get me my own for Christmas, I wouldn’t reject it! :mrgreen:

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