One Month Down, 11 To Go…

January has been a hectic month for me. I’ve been very busy being CEO of a multi-million dollar company, taking care of my eight cats and trying to decide which color Audi R8 I want to drive that day…oh wait…I’ve only done those things in my dreams. But here’s a quick recap of how my month went while I was busy not winning the Powerball:

 I spent the first few days of 2016 in Minneapolis with my boyfriend, who may or may not have had to carry me home on New Years Eve…

 Verizon sent me my favorite thing I’ve tested for them and then subsequently made me send it back. 😫 (Ugh I know, life is rough.)

 My favorite instagram account reposted my photo.

 I took some super hipster photos and put them on instagram.

 I painted an apartment.

 I was reunited with my best friend and boyfriend on the same day.

 I got hired at Caribou Coffee on the same day I took this!

So overall, January was a pretty good start to what I think will be a great 2016! What happened to the rest of you in the beginning of 2016?

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