50 Things I Love

With all the negativity surrounding the world today, I think it’s very important to remember the good things we have in life. I’m very lucky to have the opportunities I’ve been given, and the support system to keep me sane. So here, in no particular order (except for #1 who is definitely my #1), is a list of 50 things that make me unbelievably happy.

  1. Tony
  2. Baby Blue, my R32
  3. Pine scented candles
  4. Instagram accounts of coffee pictures (like this, this and this)
  5. New technology
  6. Cats
  7. Yoga pants and Uggs, because I am a basic white girl
  8. Avocados
  9. My family
  10. My friends, who accept my dumb jokes and sometimes even laugh at them
  11. Driving fun cars
  12. Mac n cheese
  13. String cheese
  14. Grilled cheese
  15. Okay, all kinds of cheese.
  16. Social media
  17. Rose gold
  18. Good music
  19. Coffee
  20. Connecting with new people via social media
  21. Books
  22. Beer
  23. Fluffy blankets
  24. Making others happy
  25. Finding the joy in the little things
  26. Volkswagen. VW is the reason I met Tony, so you could say I’m a little obsessed.
  27. Sparkly things
  28. Hot air balloons
  29. The beach
  30. Being outside (For 5 minutes. On the beach.)
  31. Organizing
  32. Autumn
  33. Snow
  34. Making to do lists
  35. Fun iPhone cases
  36. Procrastination
  37. Audi R8s
  38. Blue cars
  39. Furry little dogs
  40. Color, but only on very specific things, and never clothing
  41. Lemongrass scent
  42. Taking hipster pictures
  43. Finding delicious new brunch spots
  44. French fries
  45. A good sounding car exhaust
  46. Getting my nails done
  47. Binging on Netflix
  48. Colorful hair
  49. DeLoreans
  50. Writing

Side note: it was a lot harder to come up with 50 things than I thought! Try it for yourself and see how many favorite things you can name. 😊

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