Please Slow Down, 2016

Every month seems like it’s crazier than the last. 5 minutes ago, I was bundling up in sweaters and now I’m relaxing in air conditioning in our new apartment!

So speaking of “our new apartment”, Tony and I moved into our new place.

A huge event I planned for Morrie’s, a European car show called Eurowerks, finally wrapped up.

We went to Ikea and managed to come out with both our dignity and money still left in our pockets.

As usual, we explored coffee shops and found fun new places to take hipster pictures. 

I helped with lots of different events and drove fun cars, as per usual!

My sweet little sister turned 21 and had her very first sip of alcohol!

Tony and I became real adults and opened a joint checking account. Crazy, I know!

I ate way too much Mac n cheese and drank lots of beer, like a good Wisconsinite.

Okay, I’m ready for the next 5 minutes that they call August!

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