31 Days of December

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and not just because my whole family gives me pine scented candles and rose gold everything. I love how festive and happy everyone gets, how beautiful houses look covered in snow and lights, and the calm that follows the present opening fury. But there is more to December than just the 25th, so here’s what happened the rest of those days!
As per usual, Tony and I went to breweries and coffee shops to see what new things they had come up with.

Tony started his new job being a tech again, but this time at an independent shop. He’s learning how to work on domestics, which is…not so great.

Tony and I each managed to get together with our whole families before and during Christmas. There’s never a dull moment during the holidays!img_3702

And speaking of Christmas, Tony got me a new Polaroid camera because everything old is new again! Prepare for more Instagram posts…

On the last day of 2016, Tony and I headed over to Wausau for a ski trip with my family. Not all of us made it to midnight (cough, mom), but we made sure to watch the ball drop in New York! 

2016 has been an absolutely incredible, action packed year, and if 2017 is anything like it, I’m going to need wayyy more coffee.

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