January/February Month(s)ly Favorites

Last year I did a monthly recap of all the exciting things that happened in my life, and this year I’m going to switch it up! Although I’m already a few months behind, I’m going to share my monthly favorites. So without further ado, here are my January and February favorites!

Wunderlist – This is the ultimate in to-do list apps. You can add tasks within tasks, assign them to others and add files. A must have for anyone who ever does more than one thing at a time.

Amazon Purchase
Lap Deskย – Who needs a real desk when this lap desk is big enough to fit my Macbook, a mouse and a cup of coffee?!

Instagram Account
@appleandcoffee – I’m all about those hipster coffee pictures.

Minneapolis Attraction
Como Zoo – Although we didn’t see many animals on our trip to the zoo, their gardens are absolutely gorgeous! It doesn’t hurt that it felt like being on a tropical vacation inside.

Monthly Event
Uber fancy dinner at 6smith – Tony and I try to save money by staying in and cooking our own meals, but every once in a while you have to really treat yourself. Weย never would have gone to this restaurant without a gift card, and I’m so glad we tried it!ย Tony ordered a $70 steak and I had a custom-made vegetarian meal and it was worth every single $100 bill.

Thing on the Internet
Try Guys Videos – Guys from Buzzfeed try out random things like sumo wrestling, being a drag queen and getting style makeovers. Seriously hilarious!

So, how were the first two months of 2017 for you? Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite things from January and February, or drop me a tweet!

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