Subscription Boxes That Shouldn’t Exist

There are subscription boxes for everything these days. So I’m going to entertain you by creating subscription boxes that shouldn’t exist. Ever. (But if you do create one, please sign me up.)

  • White elephant gifts. Think about all the times you’ve needed a gift but didn’t have one. If only you were sent a worthless trinket every month so you could give those newlyweds a high heel tape dispenser.
  • Sock. You only get one sock, and it’s always a different size.
  • Pictures of other people’s families. Finally fill those empty frames with pictures of happy, loving families! Who cares if they aren’t yours?!
  • Half used candles. Someone enjoyed the candle first, so you know it’s good.
  • Other people’s bills. Paying bills sucks. Make yourself feel better by looking at how much other people spend on a monthly basis! (She spent how much on toilet paper??)
  • Cat/dog subscription box. Yeah I know, this already exists. But these boxes send you things for the animal opposite the one you have. So if you have a cat, you get a rawhide bone. Have a dog? Enjoy that catnip!
  • Rocks. It’s heavy, but on the bright side…your rock garden is going to look BOSS.
  • Boxes of boxes. What’s in the box?? Another box! And in that? A box! So much fun!!

Maybe there’s a reason these don’t exist, or maybe subscription box creators are just unimaginative! So what are some subscription boxes that you think don’t exist for a reason?

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