BREAKING: Lauren Kortbein has switched platforms…again

A long, long time ago, I was a BlackBerry addict. I had numerous devices, from OS 7 all the way up to BlackBerry 10. I was such an addict, that when I switched to iPhone, it became a “thing”. (You can read my reasons to switch here.) Someone actually wrote a blog about why my reasons to switch were invalid and how getting an iPhone made me an “iSheep”. I was hounded on social media for weeks about being a traitor to BlackBerry. So while I would prefer not to live through that experience again, I do have an announcement: I’ve switched platforms yet again. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Since switching from BlackBerry, I’ve been happy (enough) with my iPhone. Most importantly for me, I’ve enjoyed having access to every app imaginable. I started off with an iPhone 5, switched to the 6, and bought the rose gold 6S the day it was available. But after that, my interest in getting the latest and greatest iPhones stopped. I wasn’t interested in owning a phone that didn’t have a headphone jack (hypocrite alert: neither does my current phone). I didn’t care about any of the new features on the 7, the 8, or even the X. At this point, my iPhone was 2 years old, which sadly seems to be the life of iPhones. I had no interest in upgrading my phone, but I also knew I would have to get a new phone at some point. Since none of the available iPhones interested me, so I decided to search elsewhere.

I believe your phone should change to fit your lifestyle, not vice versa. So that meant I needed a phone that had access to every app I could ever want, was compatible with products I already use, and had a great camera to take pictures with. I kept hearing great things about the Google Pixel ever since the original one came out, especially about the camera. Plus, I use Google Drive for all my documents/spreadsheets at work, since I don’t trust my 7 year old computer to actually save files. I went back and forth about switching to Android, fearing it may be too difficult, and I would miss the compatibility of the Apple ecosystem. I posted polls, read reviews, asked current users about their experiences. In the end, I decided the worst case scenario was I return the Pixel and stick with my old iPhone. Off to the Verizon store I went to get my new Kinda Blue Pixel 2.

So here I am, one week into being an Android user and enjoying the experience so far! I’m working on a full review of the Pixel 2, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, if you’d like to yell at me for abandoning iPhone, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 😉

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