New Year, New Phone (Again)

A new year means a time for people to have an excuse to reinvent themselves. Some people work on their fitness, some people will change their style or hair color, but I use it as an excuse to try new technology. After trying out the Pixel 2 at the end of last year and really disliking it (which you can read about here), I knew I needed a different phone, but didn’t know what direction I was headed in. In typical Lauren fashion, a new opportunity was presented to me. An opportunity with a keyboard and long battery life (without paying $29 to replace the battery). 

I made the switch to the BlackBerry KEYᴼᴺᴱ a week ago, and am already happier.

For those asking, yes, BlackBerry does still make phones. They now run Android, which is for the best. That way you have solid hardware running a well known OS. The lack of support was the main reason I left BlackBerry to begin with, so I’m thrilled that that has changed! And since I’m a former BlackBerry addict, here are just a few of the things I’m already addicted to again:

  • Keyboard – Not only do I love having a physical keyboard again, but this one has been majorly upgraded and improved. The keys are touch sensitive, meaning you can swipe left to delete words, and swipe up to add them! You can also use it to scroll on websites, Instagram, you name it.
  • LED – I have a love/hate relationship with the LED light, because it’s super handy, but I’m already seeing phantom flashes again. 😄
  • Insane battery life – My iPhone consistently died from being “too cold” , which was pretty much all the time in Minnesota. After a full 16 hour day of emailing, tweeting, instagramming, and messaging, I’ve yet to get below 50%.
  • Hub – Having all your notifications in one place is honestly something you don’t even realize you needed until you have it. Checking 6 apps to clear your notifications is a waste of precious productivity time, which BlackBerry is so fond of.

I’ll write a more in depth review in a few weeks, but in the meantime, what questions do you have about the BlackBerry KEYᴼᴺᴱ?

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Phone (Again)

  1. Welcome home. Love my new BlackBerry, love the super long battery life!, and the expected durability you expect from a BlackBerry device !


  2. Love the post , I am also a blackberry hardcore fan , and love Tech , so also try out other Mobiles , I agree , I tried the. pixel 2 end of last year , and wasn’t over impressed. And yes , iPhone….. The battery life , is a major issue , with the KEYone , I never worry about the battery


  3. Honestly love how BlackBerry incorporated their software onto Android and the KEYone. I’m hoping this TCL BlackBerry Mobile partnership last for years to come. They deserve it.


  4. Lots of people laugh at me because I have a blackberry but I don’t care because they don’t know how amazing is the KEYone but I love that little machine so much and pretty happy to feel unique with it


  5. Estoy de acuerdo los que fuimos y seguimos siendo usuarios de blackberry, tenemos un futuro prometedor, esta keyone es muy rendidos, y nos hace fácil el tener varias aplicaciones interactivas.
    Gracias a los nuevos socios.


  6. Heureuse de constater que Blackberry se relève de ses cendres.
    Il est vrai qu’à côté de vous, avec mon bon vieux Blackberry Curve_9320(v7.1.0.1011), j’ai l’air d’un dinosaure et quelques personnes se moquent de moi, mais la sécurité, la robustesse et l’autonomie des appareils BlackBerry ont fait leur preuves. Je voudrais juste savoir mieux m’en servir !!!
    Longue vie à BlackBerry.


  7. Quand je vous dis que je dois apprendre à mieux m’en servir.

    Et pourquoi mon commentaire est en attente de “moderation”. Qu’est-ce que c’est encore que ce terme barbare ?!?


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