One of my favorite things about being an adult is you get to decide where you go on vacation! I’ve only been to Colorado once before, a couple years ago in the summer. This time I tagged along on Tony’s snowboard trip, because why not? Here are the cities we traveled to, the delicious beers I had, and the awesome adventures I got to experience! And of course a mountain (see what I did there??) of pictures from the trip!

Denver Biscuit Company
Haywood Cafe
Dillon Dam Brewery
The Canteen

Crooked Stave
Aspen Brewing Company
Great Divide
The Crown Coffee
Outer Range Brewery

Snowmobiling in the mountains
Exploring downtown Denver
Driving to Aspen and being amazed at how much the weather can change in 10 minutes
Shopping in Breckenridge


Next month we’re off to Florida for a change of scenery, sunburns, and wayyy more racecars.

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