10 Hidden Benefits of Amazon Prime

Okay, I’m not going to explain Amazon Prime, because if you don’t know what it is…how are you even on the internet?! But for the millions of people who have Prime, the free 2 day shipping is an awesome feature, and likely what first got them hooked. But did you know there are tons of other benefits that come with being a Prime member? Here are 10 benefits you should know about and start using ASAP! Check them out, and let me know what you’re most excited to use!

Prime members have access to unlimited photo cloud storage, and 5GB for videos and documents. Download the app on your phone, set it to automatically back up new pictures, and never worry about losing those precious selfies again.

Prime Reading gives you access to hundreds of free e-books and e-magazines to download onto your Kindle app. The options are constantly changing, so you always have something new to download and read!

What company doesn’t have a music streaming service these days? Amazon has one, and Prime members receive a $2/month discount on it. (TBH, I still prefer Spotify…sorry Amazon)

Access thousands of TV shows and movies for free with your Prime membership! As if choosing what to watch on Netflix wasn’t hard enough…

Share your benefits
$99 a year (which is unfortunately soon to change) becomes an even better deal when you can share your benefits with another person (in your household)! To share your membership, head to Amazon Household and add an adult, teen, or child.

Delivery services
While some people may find it creepy, you now have more options than ever for receiving your Amazon packages. They’ll deliver to your car, your house, or a local Amazon pickup point.

Prime Now
Because sometimes 2 day shipping isn’t fast enough, Amazon also offers 2 hour shipping on select items.

Outfit Compare
Available on Amazon’s app, outfit compare snaps a photo of 2 outfits you’re deciding between and lets other members decide which looks better. (Because nothing is better than openly welcoming strangers to judge you on the internet, right?)

Washington Post Trial
It seems like Amazon owns everything these days, and the Washington Post is no exception. You can get a free 6 month trial with your Prime membership.

Even when Amazon doesn’t own the company, they still deliver it! Order from your favorite restaurant, and Amazon will bring it to you.

You can find the full list of Prime benefits here.

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