West Coast Travel Recap

This summer, while looking at my September schedule, I knew I was going to need a vacation by the time the month was done. Tony and I decided we were going to head west; specifically, to Seattle. And of course we couldn’t leave out our neighbors to the north since we were so close! Here is a quick recap of the trip, including (probably too many) pictures of the gorgeous scenery.

Eat (Breakfast/Brunch)
The Biscuit Bitch

Eat (Lunch/Dinner)
Pasta Freska
India Gate (Vancouver)

Drink (Brews)
Fremont Brewing
Elysian Brewery
Bainbridge Brewing
Old Stove Brewing
Redhook Brewlab
Optimism Brewing

Drink (Coffee)
Espresso Vivace
Cherry Street Coffee House

Pike Place Market
LeMay Car Museum (Tacoma)
Mt Rainier National Forest


Ooookay, so looking back, we drank a lot of beers…but I promise everything else was fantastic as well! I’m looking forward to figuring out where our next adventure will be!

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