100 Day Challenge: Documenting the Good Things

Recently, while talking to my mom on the phone, she told me about a 100 day challenge she was participating in with a group of friends. She told me they all made a challenge to themselves to do something new every day for 100 days straight. They created a shared Google Doc to track their daily progress and keep each other motivated.

A few examples of their daily goals are:

  • Have a meaningful conversation with someone
  • Illustrate a word, phrase, or quote
  • Meditate for 5 minutes

After I told Tony about it, I decided, why not do this ourselves? I thought about the things I want to accomplish this year and decided to combine blogging and keeping track of the good things in life. 2018 was a hard year for me, so this year I’m determined to make it better by focusing on the positives. So, enter my 100 day goal: to write down at least one good thing that happens every single day. You’ll be able to see my daily good things entries from now (January 4th) until April 13th (day 100!) on this page: www.laurenkortbein.com/goodthings

I invite everyone to join me on this journey! It only takes a few minutes at the end of each day to document any good things that happened to you, whether its finding $20 in your pocket, your cat letting you cuddle with her, or getting a promotion at work! You can keep a notes document in your phone, use a physical notebook, or share it in a blog for the world to see! If you decide to join, please let me know so we can help keep each other on track!

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