Tech & Apps to Help You Get Organized

January is National Get Organized Month, so I put together a list of apps and tech that help me get through the day and get sh!t done! (But don’t worry, you can use them every month of the year!)


Google Keep
Keep is great for short, quick notes. Tony and I use it to keep track of our grocery list, places we want to visit, and movies we need to watch.

Google Drive/Docs/Spreadsheets
This collection of apps are what I use most often on a daily basis. I use them for keeping track of budgets, writing blog posts, and uploading important documents.

Evernote is great because it allows you to separate notes into notebooks, add tags, and insert pictures.

Good Notes
I use this app to take handwritten notes on my iPad Pro, and can back up the notes to Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

I found this app through an influencer on Instagram, and I’ve loved it ever since! You’re able to fully customize the layout, which is great since I’m a very visual person. They have a great Macbook app, now they just need an Android app!

I love listening to podcasts, and finding new ones to inspire me in business or my personal life (check out a list of my favorite podcasts here).


Macbook Air
Even with multiple smartphones and an iPad, nothing compares to an actual laptop with a keyboard.

iPad Pro/Apple Pencil
Personally, I think the iPad is one of the best tablets out there (and I’ve tried a ton of them). I upgraded to the iPad Pro a few years ago, and love the ability to take notes as if it was a physical piece of paper, but without the risk of losing it (since it all backs up to the cloud).

Google Home Mini
I received a free Google Home Mini from the partnership they did with Spotify, and I love it! I mostly use it to listen to music or podcasts and turn on lamps plugged into my smart outlets.

I’m not convinced that I’ll ever find the smartphone of my dreams, but for now I’m loving my Google Pixel XL for the fantastic battery life and killer camera.

What are the apps or tech you use to keep sane in your daily life? 📲

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