Washington DC Travel Recap

Since I knew I had to travel to Washington DC for work, I figured I would make the most of it! Tony joined me at the end of my trip so we could explore what we had time for on our short weekend trip! (Cut even shorter by Tony’s flight delay of three hours…thanks American Airlines)

Here are the notable things we ate, drank, and saw while in DC, along with a collection of Ferraris…pictures!

Chaia Tacos

Drink (Brews)

Drink (Coffee)
La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Georgetown neighborhood
National Air & Space Museum
National Portrait Gallery
National Mall

We didn’t have great weather (it was rainy and humid), but we certainly had a great time! It was fun to see so many different museums, monuments, and neighborhoods all in one area. Although my feet are happy to not be walking 5+ miles each day anymore!

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