Work From Home Essentials

For those who are working from home, it can be a challenge to adapt your apartment/house/van to being your new office space. To help make that transition more comfortable, here are the items I’ve been using on a daily basis while #WFH:

Desk with office supplies.

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Update 2/3/2021: Since it’s been almost a year since I started this work from home thing, I decided to update this post with additional things I’ve found helpful!

  • Sweatpants – Fun fact, in 2019 I didn’t own a pair of sweatpants!
  • Fuzzy blanket – Because no matter how high I turn up the heat, my legs and feet are still cold.
  • Second monitor – I went six months before I finally caved and brought in a second monitor.
  • Smart plugs – You would think since I’m home all the time I would have no problem turning a lamp on and off, but it’s just so much easier to tell Google to do it.
  • eBooks – I’ve read so many more books since being stuck inside. I use the Kindle app on my iPad along with my favorite app of 2020: Libby.
  • Lap desk – Because working at a desk all day is so 2020.
  • Candles – I’ve always loved burning candles, and now that I’m home all day I get to enjoy them that much more! I have so many favorites, but a few currents are this wood wick Sandalwood & Lavender, anything from Bookend Candle Co, or a classic pine scent.

  • Blue light glasses – I’ve purchased (and subsequently returned) a lot of blue light glasses, and these are the only ones that actually work. (Plus they’re super lightweight and look good on everyone!)
  • Phone stand – One of those items you don’t realize how much you like having until it’s gone!
  • Bullet journal (No longer available)- One of the projects I started during the stay at home order was a bullet journal, and I love that this notebook perfectly matches my office theme.
  • Coffee warmer – Even when I’m at home I can’t drink my coffee fast enough before it goes cold.
  • Slippers – I hate being barefoot, and my feet are always cold, so I live in these!
  • 3 prong charger – Because it’s a pain to have to switch out chargers every time you need to charge a device.
  • Laptop riser – Raises your laptop so you aren’t hunched over while typing all day long.
  • Keyboard and mouse – Obviously. I like that this mouse has back/forward buttons (it was surprisingly hard to find that!) and the keyboard makes a very satisfying noise.
  • Wrist rest – A very underrated item!

What are your work from home necessities? Do you miss the office or are you enjoying spending more time with your pets?

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