Lauren’s Pixel Saga

After all the orders, cancellations, and repairs…I still have a Pixel 3a, with nothing on order. How did I get here?? Follow along…

When the 4a was originally released, I was mainly interested for the sole reason that it had 128GB of storage. I take a ton of pictures and although I back them up via Amazon Photos, the pictures still stay on my phone. I also have 16GB of apps, which isn’t due to any one in particular, but is more because I download about 6 different apps to do just one thing! I wanted to upgrade from my 3a, but didn’t see a point in spending even $350 when my 3a was working perfectly fine.

But enter September 19: the day of the “incident”. I was enjoying a lovely night of drinking Oktoberfest beers with a few friends when…I dropped my phone. I’ve dropped my phone numerous times before with no consequences. This time however, my phone landed on the concrete in just the right spot to send a crack from one end of the screen to the other (and yes, I had a case on it!). I picked up my phone and naively tried to blow what I thought was a hair off of my screen, and laughed as I realized this is the first phone I’ve ever cracked. The next day I decided this was my excuse to upgrade to the 4a, and placed my order.

But the story doesn’t end there! While I was waiting for my 4a to ship, Google released the Pixel 5. I watched the release video and was impressed with the features like wireless charging, water resistance, larger battery, and loved the green color. Since my 4a hadn’t even shipped yet, I canceled that order and placed a pre-order for the 5, which was expected to arrive on Halloween.

I tried to patiently wait for the 5 to arrive, but in the meantime managed to drop my 3a yet again. This caused the screen to completely die, and left me scrambling. Do I use an old phone? Do I buy the 4a and wait for the 5? After simultaneously laughing at myself and beating myself up for ruining my phone even more, I decided to bring my phone in to get the screen replaced, which ran me more than 25% of the phones original cost at $125.

Since I now had a perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing 3a, I decided it again didn’t make sense for me to upgrade my phone. I canceled my pre-order for the 5 and this is where we are today.

While I still very much want the 5, I’m trying to wait until Black Friday to see if there are any deals on it by then. In the meantime, I’m going to wrap my phone in bubble wrap and cover my floors with soft blankets to prevent any more…incidents.

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