How I Use an Ikea Raskog Cart

I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the Ikea Raskog cart. Probably an unreasonable amount of love. After I first saw it, I kept looking for excuses to use one in my home, and when I moved to my current apartment, I was so excited when I realized the cart would be a perfect addition to my bathroom! There isn’t much storage in my bathroom, but there is enough floor space for a rolling cart.

The bottom shelf holds toilet paper, wipes, and a jar I use to hide tampons (although now I guess the secret’s out!). The middle shelf holds towels, and the top holds a mishmash of items such as hair and skin products, a jar of bath bombs, a candle turned storage jar, and a plant that I have yet to identify.

Then, about a year later and 5 months into working from home, I needed something to hold extra office supplies and was giddy to think about buying a second raskog cart! I put books I want to read on the bottom shelf, art supplies (which I mostly use for bullet journaling), and the top shelf holds my various notebooks, paperclips, pens, and naturally…a “Lauren plant” (sansevieria laurentii, more commonly known as a snake plant)!

Eventually after buying a house of my own, I’d like to use one of these carts in a guest bedroom, to hold extra towels, toiletries, and snacks! But I’m sure in the meantime I’ll find another excuse to get a third rolling cart. 😂

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One thought on “How I Use an Ikea Raskog Cart

  1. Great post and pictures! I like the multi use of the carts. If they made the carts radio controlled it would be really fun to “summon” the cart to you wherever you are.


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