Review of Prose Haircare

Most of the time when I find a great beauty product, I share it with my mom and sister, and possibly Twitter. But this product I found is good enough I felt compelled to write an entire blog post!

Prose is a line of custom-made shampoos and conditioners. You fill out a questionnaire that asks what you’re looking to improve on your hair and what qualities you currently like. They also take into account where you live, including water quality, weather, and pollution. You can buy products individually (they also have dry shampoo, curl cream, oils, and more) or subscribe at one, two, or three month intervals. A subscription will save you 20% off the already appealing price point.

I found out about Prose through an Instagram ad, and was curious to learn more about a custom-made beauty product. After I found out about the 20% subscription discount, bringing the price to $40 total, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try! While I typically used drugstore shampoo and conditioner, I’ve previously spent $30+ on a single bottle of “professional-level” shampoo. I’ve been using Prose for 7 months so far, and am on my third formula of shampoo and conditioner (it keeps getting better each time!). My hair is shinier, softer, and easier to brush, which is why I can’t see myself going back to drugstore shampoo and conditioner!

If you’re interested in trying this custom haircare for yourself, use my referral link for $10 off your first purchase! And if you have any questions, leave a comment below or find me on Twitter!

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