Why I Bought 3 Laptops in a Week

Last September, I decided I was going to sell my laptop and live off a combination of my iPad/phone/work computer. I wasn’t using my MacBook Air very much, and figured it was worth more sold. I quickly realized my mistake, and began looking for laptops after only a few months.

Since my previous laptop was a MacBook and I’m familiar with them, I looked on Apple’s website to see the latest versions. After looking at the prices, I figured I could find a PC for much less money with the same, or better specs. My work laptop is an HP and I enjoy it well enough! And that’s where my issues began…

I went to Best Buy to make a final decision on a laptop with the conditions: I didn’t want to spend more than $1,000 (and preferably far lower), I wanted a 13″ screen and enough memory to store pictures. I looked at two different HP models, and when comparing them side-by-side, I thought the 13″ screen looked really small and decided to go for the bigger version. I brought the laptop home, unboxed it and…immediately hated it. Even though the screen was only an inch bigger and the computer was half a pound heavier, it felt like too much to me. I wiped the computer and brought it back the very next day to exchange it for the 13″ model. After I got the smaller version home, I set it up, excited to get to work with my new laptop! I was enjoying my time with it until in the middle of editing a Word document, the screen went completely black. I thought the battery had died, so I plugged it in and waited for the screen to come back to life. Nothing happened. So I closed the lid and reopened it and again…nothing. I had to force the computer to turn off, which deleted everything I had been working on. I figured it was a glitch and reopened the apps, made the changes again and didn’t have any more issues that day. But the next day, the same thing happened. I had to wait for the battery to completely drain itself before I could power it back on and use it again. After this happened a third time (fool me thrice, am I right?!), I decided enough was enough. I let the computer die, plugged it back in, and as soon as it turned on I used it to place my order for a MacBook Air. I wanted a computer that just worked.

My space grey MacBook arrived last week, and so far, so good! While I’m bummed it’s not a touch screen/hybrid, I’m just happy to know I have a laptop I can rely on again. I’m not typically an Apple person, but I certainly believe that they make the best tablets and laptops. I wish I wouldn’t have sold my original Air last year, but I do love this new color and Touch ID is a great addition. And if I ever get the bright idea to sell it and live off an iPad/phone combo, someone please stop me!!

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