Spring Plant Care Tips

It’s the first day of spring (as long as you’re reading this on March 20th), and with spring comes…happy plants! Here are some tips to get your plants ready for the changing weather and growing season:


Slowly add fertilizer to your weekly or monthly watering routine. You can buy powdered fertilizer to add to your watering can, or you can use liquid fertilizer to add directly into the plant’s soil.

Increase your watering schedule

As your plants get more sunshine and temperatures increase, they become more thirsty. Pay attention to signs your plants need more water, such as drooping leaves, and possibly invest in a moisture meter (you can find one for less than $15 on Amazon).


If you’d like even more plants for $0, now is the perfect time to propagate them, which means growing a new plant from a cutting of an existing plant! Propagation steps are different for each plant, but searching “(your plant here) propagation” on YouTube will bring up hundreds of helpful results! By propagating now, you’re giving your new plants an entire growing season to adjust to their new home, which will ensure they live a happy, healthy life.

As needed:

Adjust plant locations

Depending on the direction your house/apartment faces, the sun may be streaming through different windows in the winter versus the summer. For me, my kitchen gets no sun in the winter and a decent amount in the summer, so I can move a few plants there for the warmer months (this is actually how I killed my string of pearls).

Evaluate pot size

Make sure your plants are in the right size pot. If there are roots growing out the bottom, it’s definitely time to upgrade! Don’t go too big too quickly-a 1-2 inch larger pot should be enough until it’s time to repot again (usually every 1 to 2 years). Same as propagation, repotting now will give your plants a full growing season to adjust.

I can’t wait for my current plants to grow big and strong and in the meantime I’ll probably keep adding more! πŸ˜„ What plants are you adding to your collection this spring?

One thought on “Spring Plant Care Tips

  1. Fun and helpful post about the plants! I hope you are naming all of your plants–I’m sure they would like it if you call them by their name πŸ™‚


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