How (& Why) to Bottom Water Your Plants

I originally heard of bottom watering when a plant themed Instagram account I follow posted a joke on their story about “butt chugging” their plants. I thought it was hilarious, but as soon as I learned how easy it was and how great it is for the plants, I was hooked! Read on to find out how to bottom water your plants and why it’s so beneficial for them.

Bottom watering is an incredibly easy process, and allows your plant to take all the water it needs without overwatering. By allowing your plants to sit in water and soak it up, the water has direct and immediate access to the roots. It also helps prevents pests like fungus gnats, which thrive on moist topsoil.

This process works best for plants that are in a plastic nursery pot, but can also be done with terracotta or pots with drainage holes in the bottom.

Step one: Fill a bowl or tupperware container halfway with water.

Step two: Remove nursery pot and place in bowl.

Step three: Let the plant soak up water for 30-60 minutes.

Step four: Remove pot and let sit for ~10 minutes to allow excess water to drain.

Enjoy your healthy and happy plants!

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