Our Engagement Story

On Sunday, September 19th, 2,191 days after Tony and I officially started dating, we got engaged!!! We couldn’t be more excited to get to marry each other. Here’s how it all happened…

Tony and I were planning on spending our Sunday going for a drive with a few car friends, and Tony said my sister Layne was going to join us. I was more than a little suspicious since Layne normally wouldn’t come on a car cruise with us! But we headed out on the drive, where our end goal was Rush River Brewing in River Falls, Wisconsin. We took fun back roads and slowly made our way to the brewery. When we were almost there, Tony said we were going to stop at the swinging bridge in River Falls to show a friend who had never seen it before. Tony and I have been out to this spot multiple times over the years and it’s fun to see the difference in seasons there! As we got closer to the bridge, everyone else stepped way back, which I thought was super strange. As we looked over the edge of the bridge Tony started telling me how he’s had a wonderful last 6 years with me and…I honestly can’t remember everything else he said because shortly after that he got down on one knee!! He asked me to be his wife and (very obviously) I responded with a resounding YES!! After that he pulled out a red ring box, opened it up and revealed the most beautiful emerald and diamond ring I’ve ever seen. It’s a vintage ring, but we’re unsure what year or era it comes from. As soon as I put it on I noticed that it perfectly matched my nails that I had gotten done earlier that week, with no knowledge!! After we turned around to hug and celebrate with our friends, a woman with a massive camera came over and let us know she just happened to be in the area, and would we like pictures? Obviously I said yes again! The universe has a wild way of things happening at exactly the right moment. She sent me the pictures below and I almost started crying at how beautiful they are and how perfectly they capture our happiness in that moment. πŸ’ž

We’re both so excited to get to marry each other in the future, but for now are just enjoying this time of new engagement! πŸ’ (Also my ring is currently getting resized but as soon as I get it back my Instagram will be 100% ring content)

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