I have an addiction to technology, specifically smartphones. I have a strange love for artistic pictures of coffee. Former BlackBerry addict turned iPhone junkie turned Android devotee. Extremely passionate about Volkswagens, and I could stare at an Audi R8 for days (but only if it’s a V10). In 2020 I turned to plants as a coping mechanism during the pandemic, and have since become an official ✨plant lady✨.

My first blog experience was a fashion blog that I began as a freshman in college. As a fashion merchandising major, I thought my outfits were so fantastic that other people absolutely needed to see them. I’ve moved on from that (which is good since now I wear the same grey sweater 3 days a week…) and have created my own little space in the blogging world, laurenkortbein.com.

I hope my blog can help you, make you laugh, or simply give you a break from whatever you’re supposed to be accomplishing right now. And if you have feedback or comments, find me on Twitter or email me!

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