BREAKING: A White Girl Loves Fall

Here’s a huge surprise to everyone: I am a white girl who loves fall. I know. But let’s move past that, because I want to talk about this, okay? Are we good?

The leaves have started changing and pumpkin spice lattes have been out for WEEKS. There isn’t enough time in the day for me to enjoy all the wonderful fall activities, so I’ve put together so many lists of things to do in fall, why I love it and what to look forward to. Because who doesn’t love a good list? And even more, who doesn’t love fall?!

Why I Love Fall:

  1. Dark nail polish
  2. Sweaters
  3. Boots (Yes, including Uggs)
  4. Crunchy leaves
  5. Pumpkin spice SHUTUPIKNOW
  6. Haunted houses/scary movies even though I’m so easily scared
  7. Sleeping with the windows open
  8. Planning my Halloween costume (speaking of, I’m open to suggestions)
  9. Car shoots with colorful leaves
  10. Halloween candy

Things to do in Fall:

  1. Take fall themed Instagram pictures, transform into ultimate white girl
  2. Pumpkin patches
  3. Apple orchards
  4. Jump in a pile of leaves
  5. Watch football
  6. Buy discount Halloween candy and eat it all
  7. Bonfires
  8. Drink pumpkin spice
  9. Bathe in pumpkin spice
  10. Become pumpkin spice

Things to look forward to:

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Halloween
  3. Daylight Saving Time ending…oh wait, no
  4. The first snowfall
  5. Doing donuts in the snow (not the food)
  6. 2019
  7. Christmas 🎄
  8. Skiing
  9. New Years Eve
  10. Holiday feasts

My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts have absolutely blown up in the last few years, and it seems like everyone has created one now. With so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find one that you actually like listening to! To help you out, here are my favorite podcasts to listen to on boring commutes (or at work, or at the gym…lol jk):

  • How I Built This – Stories about how successful business people got started, failures they’re glad they made, and the lessons they learned along the way.
  • TED Radio Hour – An hour’s worth of discussion about a multitude of topics such as: our interactions with animals, what work means to us, or how easily we can be manipulated.
  • Kalyn’s Coffee Talk – Great advice and life lessons that seem more like a laid-back chat with a friend.
  • Car Talk – A podcast for car enthusiasts, the hosts focus on helping people diagnose their car’s problems. It’s fun to play along and see if you actually know as much about cars as you think you do!
  • Skimm’d from the couch – The founders of Skimm sit down with female leaders to discuss their business and life lessons.
  • Serial – Each season focuses on a different criminal case-the first is a murder, the second is a military disappearance. If you liked Making A Murderer on Netflix, you’ll love this podcast.

Let me know your favorite podcasts in the comments below!

Celebrating National Book Lovers Day

Because I follow all the random, useless “national” days, I know today is National Book Lovers Day! I have always been a huge bookworm, so to celebrate, here’s a list of my favorite books and authors:

Favorite books:

  • When Life Give You Lululemons – Find out what happens after The Devil Wears Prada!
  • Leave Your Mark – A guide to furthering your career and living your best life, written by a social media icon.
  • Bergdorf Blondes – Easily my favorite book. I love the portrayal of New York City socialite living!
  • The Circle – A book that is supposed to portray a dystopian future, but seems more and more like today’s society…

Favorite authors:

  • John Green
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • Plum Sykes

Leave a comment with your favorite authors and books, I can always use more reading materials!

Apps I Love: Milanote

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Why Physical Keyboards Matter in a World Full of Glass

Once upon a time, there was a world where having a full physical keyboard was a very big deal. You no longer had to use T-9 to text, and you could fill the entire 140 character limit with ease! Keyboards quickly became the norm, and trying to type on anything else seemed like a ridiculous idea. Today, the scene is a little different. Most people are complacent typing on glass, their fingers never truly getting the satisfaction of feeling a button click down and pop back up. For these people, I feel sorry. After seeing the glorious physical keyboard on my BlackBerry, they almost always exclaim, “OMG is that a keyboard?! On a phone?! Oh man I used to love my BlackBerry.” And as my new favorite commercial states, I reply, “I still do.”

Most people are very familiar with the BlackBerry keyboard. Almost everyone has owned at least one BlackBerry in their life, whether it was for personal or work. Unfortunately, glass screens became more and more popular while the keyboard faded away.

Or did it? I think the physical keyboard is more important now than ever. With numerous glass screen options out there, BlackBerry is our only hope for those of us that love to “click” keys. While the KEYone that I’m currently using boasts an amazing keyboard, the KEY2 has upgraded even more. For those of you who “used to love your BlackBerry”, the KEY2’s keys were modeled after a Bold 9900!

It seems like typing on glass is something we put up with because that’s what phone makers are giving us. As noted in my very official research study via a Twitter poll, when people do have a keyboard, they absolutely love it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 8.52.00 PM
Sorry, camera.

If you’re one of those people who “used to love your BlackBerry”, but are now attempting to type on glass, it’s definitely worthwhile to check out the KEYone, or better yet, the KEY2. Because your fingers deserve it.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 8.52.52 PM

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