Portland, OR Travel Recap

After a canceled flight to Florida in March 2020, Tony and I had a voucher to use and decided to finally visit Portland, Oregon! This was an extra special trip to us since we were freshly engaged!! We loved being able to visit the mountains and the beach all in one trip, and the food and breweries in Portland were absolutely incredible.

Here are the notable things we ate, drank, and did while in Portland!

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Our Engagement Story

On Sunday, September 19th, 2,191 days after Tony and I officially started dating, we got engaged!!! We couldn’t be more excited to get to marry each other. Here’s how it all happened…

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Tips & tricks to styling a living room

How I Styled My Apartment Living Room, Including My Tips & Tricks

While Tony and I have been living in our Northeast Minneapolis apartment for almost 3 years, I’m just starting to be happy with how it’s decorated. We have a few pieces of hand-me-down high quality furniture, but didn’t want to collect too much since we still plan on moving every few years. This meant we bought a lot of low quality and cheap pieces from Ikea, Target, and Wayfair, and since I started working from home in March 2020, I realized I wanted to be surrounded by a space I really enjoy. I started making a plan for slowly replacing furniture and adding home decor items, specifically focusing on our living room. And while I’m no home decor expert, I wanted to share the current state of my apartment living room along with the tips and tricks I’ve learned while making these changes!

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Book Reviews of Q2, 2021

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the year! While things are opening back up and the weather gets too hot, the only thing that has changed for me is that more of my reading takes place outside! Check out the reviews of the 15 books I read in April, May, and June of 2021.

You can also find lists of my favorite books (fiction and non-fiction), books from other perspectives, and more on Bookshop.

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I put offers in on 4 houses, and you won’t believe how many houses I have now!

I’ll spare you the long wait: zero.

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Weekend Trip to Fargo, ND

My sister had to take an engineering test in Fargo, so I went with for a long weekend trip! While there was lots of studying time for her (which meant reading time for me!), we were still able to check out some very cool places!

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