The Good Things

Find out more information about my 100 day challenge by following this link!

Day 13 – January 16th: Another trivia night! We brought 2 different friends this time and did better than we’ve ever done!

Day 12 – January 15th: Officially started packing up the apartment to get ready for our move! Tony and I can’t wait to get into our new place this weekend.

Day 11 – January 14th: Shared my social media knowledge with a friend who is starting a new business!

Day 10 – January 13th: Lazy day in watching TV, movies, and random YouTube videos.

Day 9 – January 12th: Game with a big group of friends.

Day 8 – January 11th: Dinner at Happy Gnome with friends, then visited our favorite brewery, Barrel Theory!

Day 7 – January 10th: Date night with Tony! We went to Dangerous Man for a delicious beer before dinner at Young Joni.

Day 6 – January 9th: Killed it at trivia with a great group of friends, and enjoyed some delicious beer in the process!

Day 5 – January 8th: Checked some things off my to do list that have been hanging out there for way too long! #feelingaccomplished

Day 4 – January 7th: Talked to my grandma on the phone, who let me know that when she dies, I’m getting her cat, and she’s making sure of that by putting it in her will. Thanks…? 😹

Day 3 – January 6th: Road tripped to Rochester with friends to visit Forager Brewery, which had absolutely delicious food and beers!

Day 2 – January 5th: Visited Bad Weather and Barrel Theory, shot pictures of St. Paul at sunset and the St. Paul Cathedral at night.

Day 1 – January 4th: I accomplished putting together this blog! Also, Luna let me cuddle with her twice today! 😻

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