Eat & Drink in Minneapolis

With a huge crowd of people descending upon Minneapolis for the Super Bowl this year, I’ve decided to be a good neighbor and let you know where the best places are to fill your stomach while you’re here. And just because you didn’t ask for my opinion, doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it. The best part? You don’t have to be here for the Super Bowl to enjoy them…they’re great year round!

I’m a vegetarian, so the majority of my recommendations are catered towards those who don’t eat meat. However, each of these has fantastic choices for carnivores as well, as Tony (definitely not a vegetarian) can confirm!

Stewart’s – I put ketchup on almost everything, but the breakfast potatoes and eggs benedict here are so good, I didn’t need any. My recommendation: eggs benedict.
Egg And I – A fun little breakfast nook, with perfect hangover cure food. My recommendation: skillet breakfast.
Blackbird – The decorations are almost as good as the food is! My recommendation: veggie benedict.

Caffrey’s – My go to place on the weekends (especially in the winter) because of their wide selection of soups, and delicious sandwiches. If they were closer to my apartment, I’d probably live there. My recommendation: grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Pizza Luce – Pizzas, sandwiches, and pasta are on the menu, and you can’t go wrong! Most of their items can be prepared vegetarian or vegan, so perfect for everyone! My recommendation: lucky bird nuggets.
Red Cow – You won’t go hungry when you go here. It’s a little pricey, but definitely worth it. My recommendation: grilled cheese.

Stray Dog – Another great place for vegetarians and carnivores alike, as they have an entire separate menu for vegetarians! My recommendation: chicago not dog.
Muddy Waters – The atmosphere here is great, and I love that you can mix and match sides and entrees to get the best of everything! My recommendation: brussel sprouts (seriously!).
JL Beers – A classic burgers and beers place, there are almost too many options! My recommendation: Mt. Mushmore burger.

Drinks (in the morning)
Any Spyhouse location – Not only are all their locations great for Instagramming, their coffee is also delicious! My recommendation: caramella.
Five Watt – The best time to visit is the summer when the garage doors are open, but in the winter you can sit in the window and soak up any available sunshine! My recommendation: mocha.
Penny’s – The location downtown is a great place to sit, relax, and watch the world go by. My recommendation: hot chocolate.

Drinks (in the evening)
Dangerous Man – Pro tip: go with someone who has a great beard and you’ll get preferential treatment. This place is also very close to a speakeasy, if you can find it… My recommendation: peanut butter porter.
Indeed – With indoor and outdoor seating, games, shuffleboard, and food trucks, this place really does have it all! My recommendation: mexican honey.
Lakes & Legends – A fantastic brewery that allows dogs inside! Their interior is decorated like a cabin up north, so you can enjoy the outdoors without your lips freezing to the glass. My recommendation: silky.

If you’re new to Minneapolis, let me know what you tried and loved! If you’ve been here awhile, let me know your recommendations!

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