Why I’ll Continue to Support BlackBerry

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of hate for being a BlackBerry user. My business finance professor said that BlackBerry was sinking and would be extinct soon. When I went into Verizon to order my Z30, the salesman asked me what I was going to do if BlackBerry went under. We’ve even been getting hate from carriers themselves (but that’s a whole other story). It seems like I can’t turn around without being ridiculed for owning a BlackBerry. Sure, I have my days where I start to worry about BlackBerry’s future, but it never lasts long. BlackBerry users have said it before, and it continues to be true: Being part of team BlackBerry is more than just owning the phone. It’s about a community, and backing up something you believe in. I’ve had numerous BlackBerrys over the years, and each one continues to excite me more. But more than that, team BlackBerry members continue to support me. Whether it’s a bad grade on a test, fight with a friend, or something good like getting a new BlackBerry, I always know where I can turn for support. Sure, these phones are fantastic, but the people? Even better. Team BlackBerry is my family, and because of them and their unconditional support, I support the platform that helps to make it all possible. There are only a few brands that I truly love, and BlackBerry is one of them. People may laugh at my phone choice, but I know it’s the right choice for me. No matter what, I will continue to support BlackBerry so long as we both shall live.