March Monthly Favorites

March is typically a pretty dull month. It’s not quite spring, but there’s never enough snow to make it look like a winter wonderland, so we’re stuck right in the middle. You don’t want to be outside, but you’re sick of sitting inside waiting for nice weather. Although March definitely isn’t my favorite month, I did have a few favorite moments!Read More »

Floridian Adventures

There’s nothing like going on a warm, sunshine-y vacation in winter, and we’ve been looking forward to our vacation since we booked tickets in December. Tony and I decided to take advantage of my dad’s residence in Florida and head down his way in March. We planned our trip around the 12 Hours of Sebring on Saturday, but had plenty of other plans to keep us busy during our stay. Read More »

In Like a Lion…

Okay, so I’m a few days late on the end of March update. But here it is! Because who doesn’t want to read about someone else’s month??

March definitely came in like a lion, with the first few days being 65 degrees, and then quickly taking a downturn for the worse.

My mom was in Florida for the first 10 days of March, so that meant I had a lot of pasta. Then, to honor my mom’s return to dairy land, we went to a new wine bar in La Crosse, and had the fanciest “cheese journey” I’ve ever seen. So much cheese. So very Wisconsin.

Tony and I had a long weekend together, so we traveled across Wisconsin to Milwaukee to explore what it had to offer. We toured numerous breweries, explored hipster coffee shops, saw mansions, walked on Lambeau Field, lost credit cards (okay, so maybe that part was just me…).

And then, in the biggest and best news of all…I was reunited with my R32!! I had been counting down to this day for 4 months, and being able to drive a manual transmission was easily the highlight of my month.

Just look at how comfortable the Subaru looks being on that trailer. (It was then sold before it made it off the trailer again.)

The last few days of March were very nerve-wracking but so exciting. More news on that to come… 😉

Manatees, Yappy Hour and Pickleball

2015 started off to a warm, sunny start! On December 31st I traveled down to Florida with my sister to visit our parents. In October, my parents went on an adventure in their motorhome along the east coast. They finally settled on Florida as their destination of choice and you’ll never guess where my 49 year old parents now live…a retirement community. Where my grandparents live. But it’s surprisingly nice, with lots of athletic options, warm pools and “yappy hour”. Yappy hour is where the old people drive down to a meeting point in their golf carts and their little dogs sit around and bark. Essentially the funniest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Another fun experience at the retirement community was a game called “pickleball”. It’s a combination of tennis and ping pong, where you hit a whiffle ball with a hard wooden paddle. It was super fun, and the one sport I’m actually good at!! Probably because you don’t have to use much energy to play it.
My favorite day down there was when we went swimming with manatees! They brought us out in a boat to an area where the manatees congregate in the winter, then gave us snorkels so we could see them. As soon as we jumped in we were greeted by a huge, friendly manatee. We were close enough to pet it as it hung around. After swimming for about 30 minutes, we met a manatee that was so friendly it gave me a kiss! I wish I had pictures of this, but unfortunately the company switched our pictures with another family.
Most of the vacation was spent just hanging out as a family, since we haven’t all been together in very long time. We spent New Years eve in downtown Orlando, which was absolutely insane.

We also went to numerous cities, like Sarasota, Captiva Island and Cape Coral. Obviously Sarasota was my favorite city, since that’s where all the nice cars live. Maseratis were so common that my family stopped looking when I pointed them out.
Coming back to -15 degrees in Wisconsin was even harder after a week of 80 degrees and family fun time. But I’m so glad I was able to spend time in a warm climate, but more importantly, my awesome family! Thanks mom and dad, come visit me next time! 😄