iPhone Apps and Accessories

Most of the time, getting used to a new phone and a new mobile OS is a challenge. But seeing as how the high majority of people have an iPhone, it wasn’t so much “difficult” as it was just finding out everything the phone could do. As I said in my previous post, a big part of me switching to an iPhone was the availability of apps. Now I’m overwhelmed with choices, but two weeks in and I’m already picking favorites.

My favorite apps (so far):

  • Tweetbot: I was hesitant to buy this Twitter app since it was $5, but I definitely don’t regret it! Native Twitter is awful no matter what platform, so I was glad to have this as a replacement.
  • Afterlight/VSCOcam/Fragment: These 3 photo editing apps are the main reasons why I’ve been posting so much more to Instagram now.
  • Spotify: Student discount makes this $5/month. That’s a cup of coffee!
  • Pocket: I find a lot of cool articles to read, but don’t always want to read them at that exact time. This app allows me to save the links to read whenever.

Not only do I have what seems like an unlimited amount of apps, but I also have an unlimited amount of accessories!

My favorite accessories (so far):

  • Mophie case: As stated on Twitter, this isn’t so much an accessory as it is a necessity. Nevertheless, I have one in pink now, so that’s freaking awesome.
  • Casemate brilliance case: I love glitter and sparkle. This case doesn’t lack that!
  • Bose speakers: These tiny speakers are as good as the huge speakers we have in my living room, if not better. Also, I don’t actually own this, I just steal it from my roommate. (Don’t worry, I always give it back!)

Why I, Lauren Kortbein, Bought an iPhone

Ever since I’ve had a smartphone, I knew that the iPhone wasn’t right for me. I wasn’t a big fan of the company, and the phones just didn’t make sense to me. But I’ve been one to change my mind more often than not. A few days ago, when the iPhone 6 was released, I found myself liking it more than I thought. I’ve always been able to appreciate a phone’s design, but I was actually wanting to use it. A friend of mine got the 6 and didn’t have a need for his 5, so I decided to test it out for a few days. After using it, I realized (with horror) that I actually liked it. I decided to buy it, and with that, became an iPhone user.

There wasn’t just “one thing” that pushed me to wanting to try an iPhone. I really like the look of the new iPhone 6, and iOS8 has a lot of cool features, even if they are copied from other OS’. Each OS has pros and cons, and it depends on your specific situation for what mobile OS works best for you. There are things I already miss from BlackBerry, but there are also new things I love! I do miss the Hub, and I still find myself trying to swipe right to get to all my messages. It’s much more convenient to have them all in one place, instead of having to open multiple apps to get rid of your notifications. I also miss the native BBM, because although iPhones have it now, it simply doesn’t compare. I don’t even have to mention the battery life. As far as new features go, the biggest thing for me is the apps. Although workarounds such as Snap exist on BlackBerry 10, there is nothing like using a native app. BlackBerry users often say that apps don’t matter to them, and that’s certainly true for some people. But as a 22 year old college girl, apps are essential to me. Just take a look at how many new Instagram pictures I’ve posted since getting an iPhone! I love being able to count on an app working, and knowing it was actually made for my phone. There are also lots of “little” things that I appreciate, such as the notification center, different wallpapers for lock screen and home screen, the control center, iMessage, and emojis!

I will always be #TeamBlackBerry, just on a different phone. I can’t say how long I’ll stay an iPhone user, or if/when I choose to make a BlackBerry my primary device again. For now, I’m content being a wallhugger.

P.S. If you have any tips or tricks for getting the most out of my iPhone, I’d love to hear them!