In Like a Lion…

Okay, so I’m a few days late on the end of March update. But here it is! Because who doesn’t want to read about someone else’s month??

March definitely came in like a lion, with the first few days being 65 degrees, and then quickly taking a downturn for the worse.

My mom was in Florida for the first 10 days of March, so that meant I had a lot of pasta. Then, to honor my mom’s return to dairy land, we went to a new wine bar in La Crosse, and had the fanciest “cheese journey” I’ve ever seen. So much cheese. So very Wisconsin.

Tony and I had a long weekend together, so we traveled across Wisconsin to Milwaukee to explore what it had to offer. We toured numerous breweries, explored hipster coffee shops, saw mansions, walked on Lambeau Field, lost credit cards (okay, so maybe that part was just me…).

And then, in the biggest and best news of all…I was reunited with my R32!! I had been counting down to this day for 4 months, and being able to drive a manual transmission was easily the highlight of my month.

Just look at how comfortable the Subaru looks being on that trailer. (It was then sold before it made it off the trailer again.)

The last few days of March were very nerve-wracking but so exciting. More news on that to come… 😉

Leap Right Into It (I’m so sorry)

It’s so strange how the days themselves seem to go by so slowly, yet the month itself goes by at an alarming rate of speed.

For the month of February, I’ve mostly been working. I started my job at Caribou Coffee, and even though I have to wake up before the earth has been created, I really enjoy it.

 There was a snowstorm in the beginning of the month, and my cat/model loved it.

My dad bought my mom an Eos, because our family needed yet another Volkswagen.

 My dad, boyfriend and I went to the Chicago Auto Show (year #7 in a row) and after we visited a luxury dealership.

After spending a day drooling over cars, we went to the Shedd Aquarium to look at some big, fancy fish!

I took more pictures of coffee, because there are never enough.

3 Volkswagen aficionados at the Chicago Auto show! 2 of the 3 have R32s, the other is temporarily stuck driving a Subaru. On the bright side, March is the month I finally return to my regularly scheduled driving habits!

Tony and I spent the one 60 degree day of February exploring Minneapolis and St. Paul!

My mom is headed down to Florida for the first week in March, so if anyone has extra groceries, please feel free to send them my way!

One Month Down, 11 To Go…

January has been a hectic month for me. I’ve been very busy being CEO of a multi-million dollar company, taking care of my eight cats and trying to decide which color Audi R8 I want to drive that day…oh wait…I’ve only done those things in my dreams. But here’s a quick recap of how my month went while I was busy not winning the Powerball:

 I spent the first few days of 2016 in Minneapolis with my boyfriend, who may or may not have had to carry me home on New Years Eve…

 Verizon sent me my favorite thing I’ve tested for them and then subsequently made me send it back. 😫 (Ugh I know, life is rough.)

 My favorite instagram account reposted my photo.

 I took some super hipster photos and put them on instagram.

 I painted an apartment.

 I was reunited with my best friend and boyfriend on the same day.

 I got hired at Caribou Coffee on the same day I took this!

So overall, January was a pretty good start to what I think will be a great 2016! What happened to the rest of you in the beginning of 2016?