My Android of Choice: Moto X

I was very excited to try the Moto X, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The first thing I noticed about it was the awesome bamboo back, which looks great with the white face!

The only thing that takes away from its beauty are all the grey and black circles scattered over the front of the phone. I didn’t fully understand the point of these until I turned it on. A majority of these random circles are infrared sensors, which sense when you wave your hand over it or bring your face close to it (and yes, I looked very stupid trying that). The size of the phone is very similar to that of the iPhone 6, although the screen size is a little bit bigger. I didn’t even notice that until I carefully compared the two. Because the Moto X has a curved back, it feels great to hold and isn’t awkward to reach any part of the screen.

I got the Lollipop update a few hours after first turning on the phone, so it was great to be able to compare the two OS’. None of the previous phones I’ve had have gotten the Lollipop update while I was using them, and I couldn’t stop hearing about all the great new features of this OS. Everything is fresh and new, and the update looks great on such a cool phone. I’m not sure if this was a Lollipop thing, or a Moto X thing, but one night as I was using it, a virtual bug crawled across the screen. Naturally I had to see what this was about, so I clicked on it and it brought me to an entire virtual, interactive story! As I turned my phone, the scene changed, and I could click on the bugs running across the screen, until they were eaten by a frog. (Spoiler alert: they all made it out in the end!) What a creative way to get people to spend evenΒ more time on their phones! My favorite feature however, was the fact that you didn’t have to light up the entire screen to see your notifications. All you had to do was wave your hand over the front and it would show you the time and whatever notifications you had, while leaving the rest of the screen unlit. This helped to save a lot of battery life, which was useful since the battery life wasn’t great.

The one thing I wasn’t super happy about was the quality of the pictures. When I was taking the picture, it looked perfectly clear and focused, but when looking at it in the gallery, a different story was told. The pictures were blurry and hadn’t focused on the right thing. I tried changing settings in the display and the camera, but nothing helped. I really am spoiled by my iPhone camera.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed using the Moto X. It’s a perfect size, looks awesome and has tons of neat features. My Android phone of choice!