Grieving in the Time of COVID-19

My grandma passed away this last weekend, and while she didn’t pass away from COVID-19, my family is still dealing with the effects of losing someone during this time. When my grandpa passed away a few years ago, there was a finality in the funeral. It was extremely sad, but made better by being surrounded by family and knowing we were all in this together. We were able to share our favorite stories of him, drink his favorite beer, and drive his favorite car (not in that order!) and it gave all of us a sense of peace. Now, we’re all kind of on our own to deal with this. We can’t have a funeral or full family gathering until much later in the year in the best case scenario. Video calls and texts certainly make it easier to connect, but it’s definitely not the same. And while I don’t have all the answers for grieving in the time of COVID-19, I can share what has helped me, and hopefully help others as well.

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