What I’ve Learned From MovingΒ 

There are very obvious tips that everyone gives you when you’re looking to move, like “check out the neighborhood” or “make sure it fits into your budget”. But there are certain things that you just don’t think about until after you’ve moved in. So I’m here to share things I’ve learned from moving, so you can learn from my mistakes.

Does your tiny bathroom have halogen lights that emit the heat of the sun?
This is very important, because if so, you will melt if you try to blow dry your hair in your bathroom. Or your makeup will start melting before you even get to work.

Are you a very tall human?
In the rental business, a “very tall human” is defined as any person of a height greater than five foot three inches. Tony and I are “very tall humans”. This means the shower comes up to our chest. So at least the bottom half of me is clean?

How big is the elevator?
This is important if you’re living any higher than the second floor. You won’t want to carry your furniture up the stairs, so it will need to go in the elevator. Things such as “will this sectional couch fit in the elevator” are very important things to consider before you try to shove said sectional couch into said elevator.

What kind of noises will you hear at night?
So hard to figure out. This is why I think that rental companies should allow people to stay at the apartment for a night. They would make money off it and potential renters would feel more comfortable knowing they have somewhat of an idea of what they’ll be hearing at night. Because kitties meowing is okay (and adorable). Because babies crying is not okay (and annoying AF).

If you’re moving in with someone, do they have the exact same items you have?
You do not need 100 sets of plates. Ask me how I know.