From Z30 to Q10

For those of you who didn’t see my millions of tweets, I recently got a white Q10! I’ve been missing the physical keyboard a lot lately, and couldn’t pass up the deal I found on one. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it, so naturally I decided to answer them all in a blog post!

Q: What about the Passport?
A: I was never planning on getting the Passport. The Classic appeals to me much more. I’ll be waiting for the price to drop a little before I invest in another phone, however.

Q: Did you take advantage of the white sale on Shop BlackBerry?
A: I bought my phone off eBay, because even though there was a sale, I got a much better price.

Q: Did you get rid of your Z30?
A: No. I still have my Z30 as a backup device, although it might soon be going to my dad, who is still on a Z10.

Q: Don’t you miss your Z30?
A: Yes and no. I’ve only had the Q10 for a few days, so it’s hard to really determine which phone I prefer. The keyboard is so completely fantastic, that I’ve completely forgotten about having a big screen.

I mean really…just look at it.

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Simply gorgeous. #Q10Love #TeamBlackBerry #BBM

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